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Elon Musk (and Matt Taibbi) help explain 'what really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression' (WOW); Updated

A few days ago Elon Musk said he would publish what really happened behind the scenes at Twitter ahead of the 2020 presidential election as it pertains to the social media platform working in collaboration with Democrats to suppress a story that would be harmful to Joe Biden’s candidacy. In other words, Democrat allegations of Republicans trying to “rig” the election were 100 percent grade-A projection.


Now, the day Musk talked about has come:

Yep, pass the popcorn!

Ha! The man’s got a point.

So, without further adieu (and after about a 45-minute delay), awaayyy we go…

And here’s more of the info as it’s being tweeted out:

Musk turned things over to Matt Taibbi:

This is like the mother of all Friday evening document drops, except this one’s not being done to attract as little attention as possible!


Ah yes, that’s called “function creep.” The world has seen that before.

Now we’re getting somewhere. “More to review from the Biden team” — “Handled”:


Jumping forward now:

“Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story”:

With that “hacked materials” claim from Twitter at the time, here are reminders:





First Amendment concerns finally arise:

At last:

We continue:


But Republicans are the wannabe fascists or something.

More receipts:

The term “plausible deniability” comes to mind, even though it’s not believable in this case.

One thing’s for sure:

This is it for tonight:



Stay tuned.



Martha MacCallum makes John Kirby squirm over WH approach to Elon Musk’s Twitter vs. Tim Cook’s Apple


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