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Kari Lake War Room roasts Katie Hobbs for saying slow AZ election count 'exactly what we expected'

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is in a tight race against Republican Kari Lake for governor in that state. Hobbs refused to recuse herself from having anything to do with one of the duties of her SoS position, which is to oversee elections in that state. Now that the election has been behind us for two days and the count is ongoing, Hobbs is criticizing Lake for casting doubt on the election system that is under Hobbs’ purview:


“Our vote-counting system has been a mess for years” is a great look coming from the Secretary of State and current gubernatorial candidate.

Here’s one more:

The system in Arizona has been slow, clunky and poorly run for years? That’s an epic self-own from Hobbs. The Kari Lake War Room let her know it:


And, of course, the Hobbs campaign has found a fundraising opportunity to be had from “her own incompetence”:

However the election results turn out, it’s looking like Kari Lake hit the bullseye:

That’s hard to deny when Hobbs is implying the same thing.




Katie Hobbs’ lead over Kari Lake in Arizona has shrunk to 4,094 votes; Lauren Boebert is even closer

Kari Lake’s ‘come to Jesus’ response to issues in Maricopa County will make you fist-pump (watch)

Kari Lake’s response to Hillary Clinton’s warning about her seems to have touched a lib media nerve


Editor’s Note: Republican voters deserve answers and accountability for the failed red wave.

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