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Hillary Clinton's midterm strategy for Dems is obvious: Hope voters are really stupid

President Biden and the White House are in a completely empty room and looking for something to hang their hat on. This administration has been nothing short of a disaster but when reality doesn’t conform to what they would like everybody to believe, they know it’s time to do some gaslighting.

Biden continues to claim to have “created 10 million jobs” — the most of any president in history:

Hillary Clinton tacked a meme onto that claim in order to try and give the Dems a boost heading into the midterms tomorrow.

Anybody who votes for Democrats based on that is confirming Hillary Clinton’s assumption that they’re absolute morons.

Biden should try and shut down a bunch of businesses and then open them back up the next day and claim credit for creating another few million jobs (and Hillary would no doubt help promote it as such).

“Nothing but lies” should be on the Clinton family crest.

Biden’s claim was too much for even Politifact to ignore and it’s no more true now that Hillary’s repeating it:


Now all that’s needed is a little help from Twitter to continue to call out this BS:

Do your stuff, Elon!



Kari Lake’s response to Hillary Clinton’s warning about her seems to have touched a lib media nerve

Hillary Clinton’s effort to deflect blame for crime in Dem-run cities is an epic FAIL

You know it’s bad for Biden & the Dems when Ron Klain thought THIS was worth bragging about


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