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'Holy delusions'! Liz Cheney reminds us who else also once lost a congressional race

As we told you last night, it didn’t take long for the Wyoming congressional primary to be called in favor of Harriet Hageman in a blowout win over incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney.


However, before heading off to possibly join MSNBC as a contributor or starting some Lincoln Project-style anti-Trump organization that does little but raise money and help forward Democrat narratives, the outgoing congresswoman made a daring comparison.

Wait, really? Yes, really:

Wow, somebody thinks rather highly of herself even coming off a primary election blowout.

Cheney’s comparisons didn’t stop with Lincoln:


Henceforth all Liz Cheney appearances should be accompanied by “The Battle Cry for Freedom” playing in the background.

It’s almost certain that Cheney’s theatrics on the 1/6 panel will be ramped up in the days she has remaining in Congress.



HILARIOUS! Liz Cheney babbles incoherently about running for president while trashing her own party after HUMILIATING defeat in Wyoming (watch)


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