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Stephen Colbert and Karine Jean-Pierre discuss how certain WH reporters just can't deal with reality

The beginning of this clip of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show begins with the host pointing out that he loves President Biden, so it was clear right away that this would be another hard-hitting and challenging interview for a Biden staffer.


Colbert asked Jean-Pierre how hard it is to deal with certain reporters (::cough:: Peter Doocy ::cough::) who refuse to accept reality, and by “reality” we mean the epic levels of gaslighting that comes from the Biden administration. This is something else:

Jean-Pierre: “My job — our job — is to make sure that we are delivering the facts.” LOL! The Colbert show really helps deliver the comedy.

Many late-night “comedy” shows have become extensions of the Biden White House’s press office and this is just the latest example.

Maybe KJP knew she wouldn’t need notes for an interview that contains this many softballs.


Biden and the Democrats know there’s no amount of their water that is too much for Stephen Colbert to carry.



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AOC’s tinfoil-hattery, idiocy, and blatant dishonesty are exactly what Stephen Colbert thinks will make her a great POTUS in 2024 [videos]


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