The FBI’s raid — and yes, it was a raid — on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home earlier this week was greeted with emotions ranging from satisfaction to orgasmic enthusiasm by the Left. They hate Donald Trump, and they believe that their hatred is enough to justify a raid on his house despite details of the search warrant remaining very murky.

It’s like Christmas came early for liberals. But don’t take our word for it; take Stephen Colbert’s. On his low-rated late-night talk show last night, he straight-up said “it’s Christmas”:

At least he said “raided.”

This is what gives Stephen Colbert the warm fuzzies. No matter how awful our economy is, no matter how physically and mentally absent Joe Biden is from daily life, all that matters is owning the Orange Man. If the FBI raided a Democratic former president’s home during a Republican presidential administration under sketchy circumstances (e.g. a shady warrant signed off on by a magistrate judge with ties to Jeffrey Epstein), would Colbert be just as giddy as he is now? Or would he — rightly — be worried that it was all motivated purely by politics?

Well, they still are. It’s just that these days, “democratic norms” means “what Democrats think should be normal.”

If Stephen Colbert had the balls to just come right out and tell the truth about himself, to tell his viewers and everyone else, “Hey, yeah. You know what? I really am just a liberal Democratic sycophant masquerading as an everyman comedian,” we could at least respect him for that. But if he hasn’t been brave enough to do it by now, it’s never gonna happen.

It’s a pretty safe bet that most Americans outside of Stephen Colbert’s studio audience would agree with that assessment.



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