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Hillary Clinton's tweet about what the Inflation Reduction Act 'might' do speaks volumes (none of them good)

Last night the U.S. Senate Democrats, with some assistance from Vice President Kamala Harris, passed the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. In addition to being told that new spending will reduce inflation, we’re also supposed to believe that this bill will help save the entire planet from a fiery, climate change-induced demise.


Hillary Clinton rattled off a list touting that bill that is notable for what is and isn’t said:

The hard pivot away from the “inflation reduction” part of the Inflation Reduction Act is well underway:

We’re going to be expected to completely forget about that part. And the sub-headline of the article Clinton tweeted out says it all:

That “might” is used in the same way it’s been used over the last few decades to describe what climate change “might” do (predictions that of course never come to pass).


Would Hillary Clinton lie to you?

And of course Hillary left something out, because the Dems know how unpopular it is:

Strange how the Dems & media (again, pardon the redundancy) are going to try and leave that part out as much as they can.



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