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Biden reminds us to keep taking Covid precautions but we're probably going to get it anyway

President Biden emerged from White House isolation today after having tested negative for Covid-19 and reminded Americans that, unlike Trump, he never had to be hospitalized. Biden didn’t mention that the variant he had was less severe but the White House will take any brag they can make no matter how ridiculous.

Before we get to this next part, let’s remember that in 2020 Biden promised that if elected he’d shut down the virus, not the economy:

It’s almost two years later and Biden’s president, the virus is still around and the country is in a recession (no matter how desperately the White House and lefty economists and media hacks try to redefine the term).

Throw into the mix that last year Biden said that if you get vaccinated, you can’t get infected by the Covid-19 virus:

Biden also said last year that if you’re vaccinated you would no longer need to wear a mask:

Fast forward to today’s remarks in the White House Rose Garden, and Biden urged Americans to still take precautions but said everybody’s probably going to end up getting the virus anyway:

How’s all that for the evolution of “the science”?

They just can’t bring themselves to stop clinging to a narrative that is clearly mostly BS.

Biden remains undaunted though when it comes to the aforementioned “precautions”:

But you’re probably going to catch it anyway.


This administration has told nothing but lies the entire time.



If this is what the WH was left with after editing Joe Biden’s speech, just how bad was the raw footage?

Mollie Hemingway & others spot ‘Soviet-style journalism’ in AP’s attempt to carry economic water for Biden


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