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David Hogg advises that non-Americans stop coming to US until the country is more like Switzerland on guns

Democrats and others on the Left have obviously become aware that the term “gun control” doesn’t go over well with the majority of the public, so they’re doing what they always do, which is to give the same thing a different name and hope nobody notices. In this case, “gun control” is out in favor of “gun safety” (a move that Frank Luntz has recommended). Neera Tanden was all over it:

And now we’re on to the next level of what “gun safety” would involve.

Gun control activist David Hogg is pointing to Switzerland as a model for the U.S. when it comes to “gun safety”:

Until the U.S. is more like Switzerland, Hogg says the American government should advise foreigners to avoid traveling to the country:

If lefty gun control activists actually cared about “gun safety” so much they wouldn’t spend so much time demonizing the NRA, which does more than anybody to train gun owners in the safe usage of firearms. For the Left, “gun safety” is simply “gun control” in a cheap disguise.



David Hogg suggests that private citizens should be banned from owning AR-15s because the police who protect us are afraid of AR-15s

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