The more we learn about the police’s actions — or, rather, inactions — during the Uvalde massacre, the more disgusted we become. The people who took an oath to serve and protect did neither, and children and teachers lost their lives as a result.

That said, though, Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist David Hogg’s takeaway from that travesty is exactly the wrong one:

What we need is to not look to someone like David Hogg for solutions to a very serious problem.

Attempting to prove that Americans don’t need to be able to defend themselves by pointing out that Americans need to be able to defend themselves is quite a bold strategy.

And it is decidedly not paying off for him.

Forget galaxy brain; this is full-on universe brain.

Unless David Hogg is actually the best Harvard has to offer. In that case … yikes.



Parkland father and school safety activist Ryan Petty calls out ‘charlatan’ David Hogg’s ‘absolute revisionist history’