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Biden's answer about why he didn't move faster on the baby formula crisis speaks volumes

President Biden and his administration continue to portray emergency measures taken to address yet another crisis that’s taking place during their watch as some sort of “leadership” victory:


Inflation and gas prices are through the roof, the southern border is a mess and the Biden administration has had to ask other countries to send baby formula. He hasn’t even been in office a full year and a half yet.

Fortunately for Biden much of the media is helping portray this administration as just as much of a victim of all this as mothers who are having trouble finding formula:

After meeting with executives from infant formula manufacturers today, Biden took some questions. One answer, in particular, is going to have White House press staff grabbing yet another mop for cleanup duty:


What a great answer! Wait, not it isn’t.

All is well!



Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece says it’s ‘easier to get a gun than baby formula’

Hillary Clinton’s message to ‘parents scrambling for baby formula’ praising the Biden admin for saving the day BACKFIRES

‘Can’t make this sh*t UP’: Eric Swalwell’s curse-filled victory lap over Biden begging Europe for baby formula does NOT go well

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