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'Did I miss something?' Seth MacFarlane gets reality checks after urging vote against GOP for a 'chance to stop this'

It never takes long after a horrific tragedy for some politicians, media and entertainers to roll out the talking points even before all the facts are known (not that the facts matter to them anyway). The Democrats will appreciate some narrative assistance from “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane:


Does MacFarlane know who controls the White House, Senate and House of Representatives?

But it’s still the Republicans’ fault or something.

The “do something” side tends to be short on describing what exactly that “something” is. But the elite certainly knows how to protect themselves.


Are all the shootings in Chicago the fault of the GOP?


The Left’s kneejerk reaction after tragedies like this is collective cult-like behavior because to them it’s all about not letting a crisis go to waste.



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