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New WH press secretary really enjoys accusing Dem opponents of 1 thing (besides stealing elections)

Jen Psaki’s last day as White House press secretary was yesterday, and her replacement on Monday will be the former deputy press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. Jonathan Levine has shared a sneak peek at the kind of thing we might hear from the podium when Jean-Pierre takes over (not counting allegations of Republicans stealing elections):


Tom Elliot’s seen this repeatedly:

Thinking is the last thing the Left wants people to do.

You know it!

From the New York Post:

The Post looked at Jean-Pierre’s tweets between 2015 and 2020 and found a staggering 57 instances where she accused people, policies, ideas, or words of being “racist.”

And Jean-Pierre accused people and ideas she was opposed to as “racist” at least 43 times in TV appearances too, according to video clipping service Grabien, whose available analysis spanned just the first two years of President Trump’s term in office.

Her target on both social media and TV was overwhelmingly Trump.


When you can’t argue on the merits, just accuse the other side of being racist. It’s a time-honored tradition on the Left.

Biden does it too when he claims that everybody who doesn’t support the Left’s “voter protection laws” is no better than a segregationist.



‘Sounds insurrectiony’: New WH press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s rap sheet features a direct threat to our democracy; UPDATED

Drew Holden revisits some of the Biden admin’s greatest election truther and Russiagate hits, and it looks like Karine Jean-Pierre will fit right in

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