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'Why would a bullet do such a thing?' WaPo presents interestingly framed report on shot fired at Va. AG's offices

We’ve seen the “SUV runs over several people” approach taken by the media when they’re trying to avoid details that don’t match preferred narratives. A shot that was fired at the Virginia Attorney General’s office building was spotted getting similar treatment in a Washington Post report:


Those pesky bullets are being unpredictable again:

How’s this for an explainer for the ages?

That should be in the Louvre of “journalism”: “From time to time, gunshots have been fired into houses or other buildings in the Washington area, intentionally or accidentally. Reports of gunshots fired into government buildings are relatively rare, however.”

Hey, they’d have reported it the same way of a shot was fired at a building with Democrat offices inside, right?

Unless they’re driven by somebody right-of-center, then the framing is totally different.


Surely if a Dem office was struck there would have been a bit more speculation about who might have pulled the trigger and what might have motivated them.

The Biden White House would likely blame the pandemic and Putin.



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