CNN’s Jim Sciutto is providing some inflation updates, and he reports that it “took a breather” recently:


“Several factors are expected to keep prices elevated over the summer. Ukraine war has put pressure on energy & food prices. Renewed Covid-related lockdowns in China may exacerbate supply chain issues. Economists are uncertain how much pace of inflation can slow down further.”

“Took a breather.” Does this look like a “breather”?

“State Media” alert!

Even North Korean state media might advise CNN reporters to take it down a notch.

Nothing to see there, just a CNN journo doing CNN journo things.

It’s a day that ends in a “y,” so we’re hardly surprised.

Is the Biden admin’s “Ministry of Truth” up and running yet? If so they’ll do nothing but award Sciutto several social credit points for that reporting.

And it’s always fun to imagine what the spin from CNN would have been on that same story if Trump were still in office.



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