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Glenn Greenwald spots 'performative, empty outrage' from Dem leadership

Over at Guy Benson has a great column about what Democrat leadership is saying vs. what they’re actually after. In this case it’s in regard to their reaction after the draft decision on Roe v. Wade was leaked by something in the Supreme Court:


Media outlets are running constant headlines about Congressional Democrats’ efforts to “codify Roe” with legislation, with a vote scheduled for next week in the Senate. This is factually inaccurate. Yes, it’s what Democrats are saying they’re doing, because “codifying Roe” is more appealing from a public relations standpoint than what they’re actually proposing — but just because a political party makes a claim doesn’t mean that journalists must endlessly and uncritically repeat the false partisan framing.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has picked up where that leaves off and examined some of the “performative, empty outrage” coming from the Democrats:


“Performative, empty outrage” sounds pretty much on-brand for the Democrats.

You can also throw climate change into that mix. Nobody who seriously believes the coastlines are about to be underwater would drop millions on a beach house.



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