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'They have no shame': Christina Pushaw's update on WaPo reporter's effort to dig up dirt speaks journalistic volumes

Last month Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, made it known that the Washington Post had assigned a reporter to write a feature story about her. Pushaw’s answer to an interview request included the following, which unfortunately these days is a necessary reminder for “journalists”:


“By the way, I want to be very clear: Neither you nor your colleagues are welcome to visit my home or the homes of my relatives. Harassment is harassment, even if it’s ostensibly done in the name of ‘reporting.'”

Pushaw has provided an update. The Post reporter in question hasn’t yet stepped over the family line, but the search for dirt has greatly expanded to areas other than politics:

Such is the sorry state of “journalism” these days.

It is abundantly clear that the lefty media is incredibly concerned about the effectiveness of Gov. DeSantis and his press secretary.


That definitely won’t be a problem for lib feminist “journalists” in this case.

Those are the AOC rules that we all must play by these days.

That’s a good question that WaPo “journalists” won’t have a good answer for — not that they’ll even try to provide an answer.



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