You’re probably aware of exactly how much glory the Washington Post has covered themselves in this week with the doxxing of the person who runs the Libs of TikTok account (and then removing that part and denying it ever happened). WaPo writer Taylor Lorenz said she’d note in her piece how Gov. DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw declined to provide comment for the story, and that was after Pushaw gave her a comment.

Add it all up and Christina Pushaw has plenty of experience in dealing with reporters from the WaPo and elsewhere, which is why she tweeted this after getting a request from a different Post reporter:

“Fair and balanced” or a “smear piece”? It’s definitely going to be safe to assume the latter until the WaPo proves otherwise.

And what’s with the “Ms. P” intro?

Instead they should put the story in the “sports” section, because Pushaw dunked on the WaPo’s hackery hard with a response that is *chef’s kiss*:


And that’s how it’s done!




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