Christina Pushaw is a very, very busy woman. After all, there’s not a lot of downtime when you’re working for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, bona fide scourge of liberals and media. Pushaw is constantly fielding mud getting slung the governor’s way by people who are extremely upset and offended that Ron DeSantis has nevertheless persisted in the face of concerted efforts to take him down.

Anyway, Pushaw hit the ground running this morning, trying to figure out how to proceed after receiving an email from a journalist named Craig Pittman, who apparently sees something very nefarious in DeSantis’ water management appointments:


Of course he is. But that doesn’t mean a question like Craig’s doesn’t still a thoughtful, quality response. Pushaw obviously wanted to put a lot of thought into her answer, so it’s nice that she turned to crowdsourcing for ideas:

That’s a good one! Plenty more good ones where those came from:


Oh, snap!


Well, for what it’s worth, Pushaw eventually put together a response she felt was entirely appropriate. And she was entirely correct:


Yes it is. It’s definitely a better answer than the one Craig really deserves.

Never fails.

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