Christina Pushaw seems like a pretty fearless gal, going into battle not just on behalf of her boss, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, but also on behalf of any conservative who happens to be fed up with false narratives.

She’s also become quite adept at just getting under libs’ thin skins, like she apparently did with this tweet:

New York Magazine senior art critic (and Pulitzer Prize winner!) Jerry Saltz literally could not believe what Christina Pushaw had just said. How dare she suggest that the good little leftists will not be safe from the leftist monster they created?!

Uh-oh, Jerry … that’s what we in the reality biz like to call “projection.”

Forget the salt mine; New York Magazine activist Jerry Saltz is a lot more comfortable with salts of the bath variety. Bath Saltz! Can we trademark that?

Anyway, this was Jerry’s follow-up response:

Whew! Jerry covered a lot of ground there, didn’t he?

Well, to be fair, a normal one for someone like Jerry Saltz means dialing the crazy up to eleventy.

Again, this is classic projection. Christina Pushaw doesn’t have daddy issues, but Jerry Saltz may very well have them. He’s got at least, like, seven issues.

Seriously, he’s broken:

You’ve got daddy issues! And you’ve got daddy issues! And you’ve got daddy issues!

Dear Lord, guys.

We’ve got a live one, folks.

He’s Jerry Saltz, dammit!

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