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WaPo reports Democrats are struggling to articulate to voters what an awesome job Biden & Dems are doing

There’s a very good chance that the Democrats are heading into a midterm election wipeout, and adjusting the messaging is a must. But what if there’s no way to put a positive spin on what’s going on? The Washington Post was spotted taking this approach:


The WaPo’s going to dislocate a shoulder trying to carry this much water for Biden and the Dems:

Ah, “journalism”! Yes, Democrats are baffled why they can’t convince voters that the dumpster fire they’re witnessing is in fact economic utopia.

No amount of shilling for the Democrats is too much for the “journalists” at the Post.

It really depends on what your definition of “results” is.


The best result Biden and the Dems might bring would be if they lose control of Congress next year.

There are still several months until the November elections and we’re sure the WaPo will attempt to up its pro-Dem spin game as that date draws nearer.



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