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'The horror'! Reuters reports why there's a panic among some Twitter employees

A few days ago it was reported that Elon Musk had acquired a nearly ten percent stake in Twitter. The next day it was announced that the Tesla founder was on the board of directors. Today Reuters is reporting that there’s “panic” amongst some Twitter employees:


Twitter’s “ability to moderate content”? That’s a good one.

Reuters reports that the employees they spoke to are concerned Musk’s arrival could have a negative impact on their efforts to keep the discourse on the platform “healthy”:

Despite Twitter’s reiteration this week that the board does not make policy decisions, four Twitter employees who spoke with Reuters said they were concerned about Musk’s ability to influence the company’s policies on abusive users and harmful content.

With Musk on the board, the employees said his views on moderation could weaken years-long efforts to make Twitter a place of healthy discourse, and might allow trolling and mob attacks to flourish.

“Moderate content” needs to be said with the most exaggerated finger quotes possible.


The actual panic is that somebody on the inside who now owns a major stake in the company might find out what “moderate content” actually means.

Yep, that’s what they mean!

It sure does! Stay tuned.



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