When conservatives got fed up being censored and moved to Parler, the mainstream media, including MSNBC, attacked Parler as a haven for Nazis. Apple removed Parler from the App Store and House Democrats called for an FBI investigation of Parler over the January 6 Capitol riot and possible ties to Russia. Employees of Amazon, which hosted Parler, pressured Amazon to cancel its hosting contract, which it did.

Substack is another bad boy of free speech, but liberals haven’t been able to put a dent in it. They cry that conservatives like Bari Weiss and Abigail Shrier have taken over the platform. Disgraced “fact-checker” Talia Lavin, who touts herself as an expert on right-wing extremism, tried to get liberal journalist Jesse Singal booted off Substack by defaming him. Glenn Greenwald is another frequent target.

Substack is still going strong, though, and it’s hiring. It even has a message for Twitter employees who are considering quitting now that Elon Musk has a majority share of the company:

Well played.


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