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Another poll on Biden approval shows Dems still on track for a midterm election disaster

The White House was hoping Biden’s State of the Union address would turn around the president’s plummeting approval numbers, and that didn’t happen. Biden & Harris have also been blaming “Putin’s price hike” for rising gas prices and inflation while pointing out that the economy is doing great.


Here’s the latest evidence that most people just aren’t buying what the Biden White House is trying to sell:

Biden’s completely upside-down everywhere except with “suburban women” and of course most Democrats, or at least the ones who don’t have buyer’s remorse at this point.

The Real Clear Politics average of several polls puts Biden’s approval at 41 percent, and nothing the White House has tried is turning that around.

Polls like that have to have the DNC in a panic.


The Biden White House’s upcoming attempts to turn those numbers around will no doubt be gaslighting on steroids.



Biden did that! LOL! Gut-punching poll shows Republicans beating Democrats on every issue but ONE

The Recount probably regrets its poll asking if President Biden has improved the state of the union

WH Covid team’s announcement gives a clue to just how disastrous Biden/Dems’ internal polling must be

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