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Writer wants to know how it's possible the 'best [economic] recovery of my lifetime' isn't making Biden more popular (here are some answers)

The hashtag #BidenBoom is trending on Twitter at the moment, and the White House is getting some fresh mileage out of the latest jobs report:


Sen. Chuck Schumer agrees:

Schumer obviously believes that if he just keeps saying how great everything is that will cause Americans to think all is well with the economy.

As for President Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain, he’s giving his “retweet” finger quite a workout today sharing stories about the latest jobs report that “exceeded expectations.”

However, even though Democrats claim the U.S. now has the best economy in the history of forever, President Biden’s approval rating remains dismal. Here’s the latest Real Clear Politics average:


With all that in mind, here’s a question:

The answer to that question is actually quite simple:

Exactly. The Democrats would really like everybody to believe that jobs restored are jobs “created,” and that’s just not the case.


The reason Biden’s approval remains low simply means most people aren’t buying the White House/Democrat spin about the economy “booming,” especially if they’re being told that while buying groceries and filling up their gas tanks.


It’s really that simple, but “Biden boom” or something.



Shameless spin on how awesome Biden’s doing on jobs (compared to Trump) earns a Ron Klain retweet as BS detectors explode

Biden brags about how many jobs have been created since he took office (and nobody’s buying it)

Trust Ron Klain when he tells you that the latest jobs report is actually fantastic and Joe Biden is doing a great job

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