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'Take a seat'! Sen. Chuck Schumer wants Congress to pass more Covid funding now so US is ready for the next variant

President Biden made it clear last night that he and many congressional Democrats have visions of spending a lot more money, claiming that doing so will help bring down the inflation that’s been exacerbated by spending too much money (see the definition of insanity for an explanation).


Ronald Reagan once said nothing lasts longer than a temporary government program, and Sen. Chuck Schumer is again determined to prove him correct by wanting to extend Covid funding for whatever variant may be on the horizon:

Just look at all the dollar signs the pandemic put in the eyes of Democrats like Schumer.

Hard pass, Senator Schumer.

“Spend more money” is the default setting on Democrats like Schumer.

Perhaps Schumer is looking forward to shutting more things down so they can re-open them, and at which point the Democrats will take credit for “creating” millions of jobs overnight.


Unfortunately we can’t put anything past the Democrats.



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