As we told you earlier, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on “abortion access and care” today. The hearing featured testimony from Physicians for Reproductive Health board member Dr. Yashica Robinson, who, when given the opportunity to define once and for all what makes a human being, not only blew it but, in doing so, she also exposed the heart of the pro-abortion movement: stripping the unborn of their humanity.

But Dr. Robinson definitely wasn’t the only one who brought that into the spotlight. She was joined by, among others, Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin.

Raskin was discussing what a nationwide abortion ban would mean for victims of rape and incest with witness and Americans United for Life President and CEO Catherine Glenn Foster, and he came to immediately regret that decision.


Foster didn’t even break a sweat. She gave Raskin just enough rope to hang himself and he went and tied the noose and kicked the chair out from under his feet.

He did. And, bless his heart, he tried to nope right out of there.

It didn’t work.

Pro-abortion advocates frequently cite rape and incest as the main reasons for their opposition to abortion restrictions. And there are certainly discussions to be had about those sorts of cases.

The thing is that those sorts of cases make up only a small percentage of the total number of women who seek abortions every year. And when presented with the possibility of carving out exceptions for rape and incest, these pro-aborts won’t even consider it. Foster opened the door to a compromise, and Raskin chose to slam it shut. When he said “Reclaiming my time,” what he actually meant was “abortion now, abortion tomorrow, abortion forever.”

And we all heard him, loud and clear.

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