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For some reason people are skeptical of Biden's claim about how much he's 'cut black poverty'

On Monday, the day before his State of the Union speech, President Biden was on quite a roll with claims that set off BS detectors everywhere. First, Biden accused Republicans of working to make sure “black votes” aren’t counted. We’re accustomed to these kinds of warnings from Biden — after all, about ten years ago this is the same person who warned a mostly black audience that Mitt Romney was going to “put y’all back in chains.” But on Monday Biden also tried to spread some optimism… via gaslighting.


Here’s what’s almost certainly a preview of part of Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night: An economic brag about how much his administration has “cut black poverty”:

And by “estimates” Biden obviously is pointing to a study by “The Department of Statistics We Totally Pulled Out of Our A**” that is headquartered in Ron Klain’s office.

Also, Biden said his actions are helping keep neighborhoods “safe”? Many city residents (that just happen to be run by Democrats) would beg to differ.

The Biden White House is just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.


With spiking gas prices and inflation, how can there not be more poverty?

Yeah, we’re clearly expected to forget who was in office for eight years before Trump arrives.

Just like with this administration’s bogus claims about “record job creation,” there’s more to their story about “cutting poverty”:

Team Biden is only concerned with the short term, all while hoping everybody’s stupid.


The level of gaslighting at Biden’s SOTU is going to be epic and record-setting. The “fact-checkers” will largely take the night off.



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