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CNN analyst Asha Rangappa wonders what would happen if a pilot said 'long live ISIS' instead of 'Let's Go Brandon'

Reports about the Southwest pilot who signed off with “Let’s Go Brandon” has offended the delicate sensibilities of many who were perfectly fine with “f**k Trump” being said any place and time. One Associated Press reporter who was on the plane that day admitted she “probably sounded insane” for seeking to have the locked cockpit door opened so she could get a comment from the pilot.


The situation has also caused some CNN analysts to serve up some of their own hot takes. Juliette Kayyem suggested that every passenger on the “Let’s Go Brandon” flight should file a complaint with the FAA. Meanwhile, CNN analyst Asha Rangappa had this to say:

Because those two things are totally comparable! (Cue eye roll)



The comparison might make sense, but only to CNN’s target audience, as small as it may be.

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