As Twitchy reported earlier, the Associated Press did a piece on the “Let’s go Brandon” phenomenon, adding the anecdote that on Friday, a pilot for Southwest Airlines ended his signoff with “Let’s go Brandon” “to audible gasps from some passengers.”

Southwest Airlines has been trending on Twitter all day — online, it’s the biggest news story there is — and we could fill posts and posts of people overreacting to what the pilot may or may not have said.

Our favorite reaction, though, is from Juliette Kayyem, Harvard professor and CNN analyst, who suggested that every passenger on that flight file a complaint with the FAA.

“Harangue passengers.” What about the passengers who didn’t clutch their pearls over it?

“Clearly the guy is stressed out enough about something — stolen election, vaccine mandate, Hillary Clinton.”

Stephen L. Miller would like to clear this all up:

A lot of people in the comments didn’t get the joke. That’s sad.