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'Pathetic liar'! DHS Secretary Mayorkas pushes Dems' BS 'whip' narrative as an example of systemic racism

This morning, President Biden said that images of border patrol agents on horseback showed them “strapping” migrants at the border, and they would “pay” for what they never even did. On “The View,” VP Kamala Harris said the images reminded her of the American slave era.


Meanwhile, a photographer who took the pictures says he never saw the border patrol “whip” anyone.

But during his remarks at the start of today’s White House briefing, DHS Secretary Mayorkas wasn’t about to let the narrative die. Mayorkas’ job is obviously more important to him than any integrity he may or may not still have:

Shorter Mayorkas: I will not prejudge the facts, except to say it’s another example of America’s systemic racism:


This administration is nothing short of disgusting:

They don’t care if they ruin any lives as long as their preferred narrative stays alive.

Mayorkas said the DHS is looking at eliminating the use of horses at the border:


All based on a lie.

Look at what’s happened at the border in the last few months and try and wrap your head around the fact that this administration wants everybody to believe the horses and the border patrol officers riding them are the real problem.

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