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Sen. Rand Paul has a question the Biden WH must answer about Kabul drone strike that killed 10 civilians (including 7 kids)

As we told you yesterday, President Biden was reportedly briefed before the Kabul drone strike late last month that killed ten civilians (including seven children). None of those killed were affiliated with ISIS-K, according to the Pentagon. During a briefing yesterday, CENTCOM commander, Gen. McKenzie, said he’s “fully responsible”:


If the strike had successfully taken out terrorists, we’re pretty sure President Biden would be taking credit. In any case, Sen. Rand Paul wants journalists to get one more piece of information:

Jen Psaki is no doubt working on a way to dodge that question as we speak, just in case somebody like Peter Doocy should ask.

It’s a fair question, and perhaps that has something to do with why Biden headed to Delaware yesterday for the weekend and Jen Psaki didn’t have a briefing.


In the Biden administration’s haste to show they were striking back at the terrorists who killed 13 U.S. service members (and many more people) a the Kabul airport, this happened instead. More answers are needed.



Gen. Milley’s Sept. 1 comments about Kabul drone strike have aged terribly in an instant

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