As we told you earlier, the Pentagon concluded their investigation of a late August drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan. Biden initially said the strike was retaliation against ISIS-K for the attack that killed 13 U.S. service members at the Kabul airport. However, in reality, the drone strike killed 10 civilians, including a U.S. aid worker and seven children, according to the Pentagon.

At the beginning of this month, Gen. Mark Milley, who has since been in the news for a different reason, said the following:

Here’s that transcript if you can’t read the one above:

GEN. MILLEY: A couple of things. One is, as we always do on all of these things, we initiated an investigation. We’re reviewing all of the video and all of that. But having said that, it — we — you know, what do we know, what do we don’t know, what do we think sort of thing — at the — at the time — and I think this is still valid — we had very good intelligence that ISIS-K was preparing a specific type vehicle at a specific type location. We monitored that through various means and all of the engagement criteria were being met. We went through the same level of rigor that we’ve done for years and we took a strike. So that we did.

Secondly is we know that there was secondary explosions. Because there was secondary explosions, there’s a reasonable conclusion to be made that there was explosives in that vehicle.

The third thing, as we know from a variety of other means, that at least one of those people that were killed was an ISIS facilitator.

So were there others killed? Yes, there are others killed. Who they are, we don’t know. We’ll try to sort through all of that. But we believe that the procedures at this point — I don’t want to influence the outcome of an investigation — but at this point, we think that the procedures were correctly followed and it was a (righteous strike ?).

“At least one of those people that were killed was an ISIS facilitator”? That’s not what the Pentagon said today, and they certainly didn’t call it a “righteous strike.”

Milley’s become a hero of the Resistance and Biden says he has full confidence in the general, so he’s probably not going anywhere.

CENTCOM Commander Gen. McKenzie said it’s likely that no disciplinary action will be taken.