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Drew Holden mega-thread names & shames media that helped turn a mob on an innocent Colorado Rockies fan

As we told you earlier, the Colorado Rockies’ fight against racism took a turn after they ended up siccing a mob on an innocent fan. Later, the Rockies Twitter account put out what they called an “update,” and that was an apt way to put it because their statement was far from the apology the fan deserves.


But as bad as the Rockies handled the situation, the media and blue check journo-land was even worse.

The insanity caught the eye of threadmaster extraordinaire Drew Holden:

The non-incident provided the media an opportunity to cover themselves in even more #FakeNews glory:


Sports media might have been even more wildly irresponsible:


Clearly the media consider themselves to be narrative pushers instead of reporters of facts.

And of course we told you about the pitiful response from the Rockies:

How did journos & other blue checks respond to the non-apology?


Pathetic. But “journalism” or something.

We wish we could say this wasn’t a regular occurrence.


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