In case you missed it, the Colorado Rockies issued a statement last night regarding a “racial slur by a fan directed at the Marlins’ Lewis Brinson” at yesterday’s game:

The MLB Players Association issued one, too:

Imagine, in this day and age. A fan yelling the N-word at a black baseball player in public, at a televised baseball game, for all the world to hear and see!

Hear and see it for yourselves:

Racist venom!

Keith Olbermann was far from the only person outraged. Here’s just a handful of others:

Yeah, well, maybe hundreds didn’t point that person out because he wasn’t actually screaming the N-word.

Clearly an investigation was an excellent use of the Rockies’ time and resources.

At this point, the Rockies owe that guy a lot more than an apology.

Maybe they should’ve reviewed the video before declaring the incident to be one of verbal racial violence.

For what it’s worth, though they haven’t yet issued a statement of their own, the Rockies did retweet this:

Shorter Rockies: Whoops! Our bad!

And media. Don’t forget about media who ran with it, too.

Good times.


Just great work all around.

The Rockies decided to shoot first and ask questions later. Hope it was worth it to them.

Guess the temptation to stay woke can be too powerful for some.

It’s pretty depressing that there are so many people out there who live for ruining people’s lives based on dubious accusations of racism.

Oh well.

For what it’s worth:



Well, after hours of letting the unwarranted outrage fester, this is apparently the best that the Rockies could come up with:

Will they verify that a fan in fact used derogatory language before ejecting them from Coors Field, or will they just get swept up by the mob. Stay tuned to find out!