As we told you, last night, the Colorado Rockies issued a statement condemning a fan’s use of a “racial slur” at yesterday’s game against the Marlins.

The only problem was that the fan in question didn’t actually use a racial slur at all. He was just trying to get the mascot’s attention in the hopes that he, his wife, and his grandkids could get a photo with Dinger the dinosaur.

Oopsie! Just an honest mistake!

Anyway, about 18 hours after their initial statement, the Rockies issued a new one to address the findings of their investigation into the matter:

It’s a great statement and all, but we just can’t shake this nagging feeling that something’s conspicuously missing. What could it be?

Ah! That’s it! An apology. It’s missing an apology.

Are they better than that, though?

Evidently not.

An apology is literally the least they could do. Well, technically that statement was the least they could do. But a straightforward apology should’ve been easy.

Come on, Colorado Rockies. It’s easy if you try.