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THUD: Hillary Clinton trips all over herself in rush to accuse GOP senator of pushing 'Russian propaganda' designed to divide the country

Republican Sen. John Kennedy’s appearance on “Meet the Press” yesterday caught the attention of Hillary Clinton, who immediately lectured the senator about pushing what she called “Russian propaganda”:


During a recent impeachment inquiry hearing, Fiona Hill testified Russia wanted to delegitimize 2016 no matter who won, and if that’s the case the Democrats are doing their best to ignore the irony — Hillary included:

Being divisive is playing into Russia’s hand, says the woman who called millions of people deplorable and continues to hint that she believes the 2016 election outcome wasn’t legitimate.


Clinton has called the 2016 election “deeply flawed” and suggested there was voter suppression in Wisconsin, but Republicans are the ones sowing seeds of election doubt in Americans’ minds? *Eye roll*

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