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WHOOPS! Beto O'Rourke accidentally spilled ALL the beans about what his gun confiscation dream would (and WOULDN'T) accomplish

Beto O’Rourke answer of “hell yes we’re gonna take your AR-15” is still causing lefties to cheer, but some Democrats aren’t happy with the low polling presidential candidate for blowing the lid off their preferred narrative that Dems are not “coming for your guns.”


Speaking with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, O’Rourke said he had confidence that the law-abiding would comply and he wouldn’t have to send the police door-to-door:

“Law-abiding people will abide by the law” says a lot, and O’Rourke doesn’t seem to understand exactly what:

And with that, O’Rourke’s gun control vision hits its first huge snag.

O’Rourke came right out and said that and he (and Reid) don’t even realize it.


If only an honest, unbiased mainstream media existed that would bring points like those to O’Rourke’s attention.


O’Rourke’s claims, as usual, trigger BS detectors everywhere:


Maybe the same one where Hillary’s the president.

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