For years now we’ve been hearing that “the walls are closing in on Trump.” Just this morning on MSNBC Joe Scarborough said it again, even though we’ve gone another day without an indictment of the former president because it sounds like there’s a bit of a problem with the grand jury in Manhattan:

Somehow the anti-Trump Resistance has been able to get their hopes up every single day for years in spite of having reality dash their hopes.

Grabien News’ Tom Elliott has a new supercut showing that, when it comes to progressives getting their hopes up, they do have impressive stamina. Watch:

Just imagine how fast they’ll have to move the goalposts to a different Trump indictment hope if this latest dream for an arrest goes down the drain.

Remember when many on the Left wanted Trump to be the GOP nominee in 2016 because he’d be so incredibly easy for Hillary to defeat? Good times.



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