As you know, the Biden presidency has ushered in the most powerful and thriving economy in world history, and if you don’t believe that just ask them!

On top of the economic utopia, Biden’s giving everybody extra breathing room:

White House chief of staff Jeffrey “winter of severe illness and death” Zients says we’re in a “Biden boom”:

Oh, things are going “boom,” just not in the way this administration wants everybody to believe.

Here’s yet another example that the rhetoric from the White House is all BS:

Every day brings with it a fresh example that “Build Back Better” has put the economy in a death spiral.

My favorite is when they brag about how much lower our utility costs are now. WHAT!?

Hey, at least US taxpayers are covering government worker pensions in Ukraine.

I’ll close it up with this: As Americans are struggling to pay for groceries, electricity and gas, Karine Jean-Pierre just shared some good news:

Good lord…



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