Democrats including Adam Schiff and many others seem pretty nervous now that Tucker Carlson and his team have been given access to about 44,000 hours of U.S. Capitol closed circuit footage from January 6th.

Carlson plans to start revealing some of the footage on his Fox News program next week:

Carlson indicated that from what his producers have seen there are some Democrat narrative-busters in the mix, which perhaps is why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is incredibly troubled by all this:

McCarthy didn’t actually “hand over” the footage, but rather Carlson and his producers have been granted access to it at the Capitol. The House Democrat isn’t happy about it (did she complain about Nancy Pelosi’s camera crew that day?):

Something’s bothering AOC, and the odds that it’s any of the reasons she listed are slim and none.

The January 6th Committee could have released it but they had a narrative to develop so they cherry-picked what they put out. If AOC and the Dems want to complain they should start with the J6 Committee members.

Maybe she just doesn’t want to be forced to re-live it.



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