President Biden went to Florida today to meet with Gov. Ron DeSantis and other local officials.

Biden also had a reminder for one Floridian and made it clear that the president obviously thinks highly of his family name:

::Laughs in OPEC::

Biden also tried to put any debate about man-made climate change in the past using the storm as proof:

Everybody knows hurricanes didn’t happen until the invention of the internal combustion engine, right?

There’s nothing a Democrat like Joe Biden would like more than to shut down dissent (and yet he’d like it if we’d all believe Trump is the wannabe authoritarian).

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

The acting head of NOAA disagrees with Biden and many in the media, but hey, “believe the scientists” or something (as long as they’re saying exactly what the Dems want them to say).



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