As we told you earlier, New York Attorney General Leticia James filed a lawsuit against not only Donald Trump, but many members of his family. It’s a civil, not criminal, matter:

It’s not just the former president James is after, either. Her lawsuit also targets Trump’s three oldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump — and senior Trump organization executives.

As James outlined in a thread to farm attention and retweets from lib Twitter, her lawsuit seeks to get $250 million in civil penalties from Trump, ban the president’s entire family from doing business in the State of New York, prohibit the Trump family from buying commercial real estate for five years, and get the Department of Justice — which is already investigating the former president — to open a criminal investigation into the alleged fraud.

Add it all up and Clay Travis has spotted a near-record level of political hackery:

Bingo! The Left are hoping to make the midterms about Trump and not the mess Biden and the Democrats have created economically and at the border.

And the Democrats don’t care.



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