Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation is reportedly entering its final stages:

Special counsel John Durham’s office is in the final stages of its closely watched investigation into potential criminal misconduct during the Trump-Russia probe, and his team is finishing up its written report, according to multiple people briefed on the matter.

Top Durham prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis – who led the team’s case against a Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer earlier this year, which ended in a swift acquittal – was supposed to handle another trial next month, but instead is leaving the Justice Department for a job at a private law firm, according to sources. DeFilippis in recent months was at one point working on writing a report on Durham’s findings, which will be submitted to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Former newsman Dan Rather (ask him why he lost his job as CBS Evening News anchor) thinks the Durham probe has been a bust and took this swipe at Geraldo Rivera in the process:

Dude, really?

He seems to forget sometimes.

Rather’s tweet is a multi-leveled fail:

Nothing to see here, just more “journalism,” Rather-style.



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