Fentanyl pouring into the U.S. through a southern border that the Biden administration refuses to totally secure continues to be a huge (and sadly fatal) problem. Now there’s another kind of Fentanyl that’s being used to attract people of younger ages:

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said it has observed an “alarming” trend of brightly-colored fentanyl made to look like candy that is being used to attract children and young people.

The agency said its law enforcement partners began seizing brightly colored “rainbow fentanyl” earlier this month. This new form of fentanyl has been seized in 18 states so far.

Rainbow fentanyl is being sold in multiple forms, according to the DEA, including as pills, powder and blocks that resemble sidewalk chalk. While some reports have claimed that different colors indicate differing levels of potency, laboratory testing has not found a correlation.

During today’s White House briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre and her Big Book of Talking Points were asked about the huge problem, and this was her response to Fox News’ Peter Doocy about what Biden’s doing about it:

Wait… seriously? It’s almost like this administration wants the problems to get worse.




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