It’s funny how words only have consequences when conservatives speak them. After the Dobbs decision came down, birthing people everywhere assured us that women would die from miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. That inspired a would-be assassin to show up in Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s neighborhood with a gun, knife, and burglary tools. Crisis pregnancy centers were vandalized and firebombed. Conservative justices still have people protesting in front of their homes.

And now it appears as though President Joe Biden referring to MAGA Republicans being underpinned by “semi-fascism” has inspired someone to vandalize a Florida Republican office.

Along with the graffiti, the locks were glued shut. Asked about the incident on Air Force One, Karine Jean-Pierre said that of course the president condemned it … just like he condemned those protests at the homes of conservative justices.

Why would Biden condemn it if he really believes Republicans are fascists? Just today he told the brave right-wing he’d wipe them out with F-15s if they ever rose up against the government.

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