Oh, this one’s going to be fun!

I’ll start it all off with a reminder that Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Florida, Charlie Crist, made it clear recently that he attended the Joe Biden/Hillary Clinton School of Unity with this message to people in his state that have supported Gov. Ron DeSantis:

During his victory speech on a primary night, Crist said he welcomes Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike. But on Wednesday, he said there is one group he does not want to hear from.

“Those who support the governor should stay with him and vote for him and I don’t want your vote. If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there. I want the vote of the people of Florida who care about our state: good Democrats, good Independents, good Republicans. Unify with this ticket,” Crist said. “Those who are haters: you’re gonna go off in your own world.”

How’s that for an effort to win hearts and minds? Crist now has his own “basket of deplorables” moment. Hopefully Hillary doesn’t mind the competition.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has recently been increasingly obsessed with the Florida governor, obviously appreciated that kind of rhetoric from Crist because he announced some financial support for DeSantis’ opponent:

Newsom must have solved all the problems in his own state because he is continuing to express his contempt for Gov. DeSantis. Don’t be drinking anything when you read this tweet from Newsom.


Ok, here you go:

No he did not just say that.

The DeSantis War Room responded accordingly;

As for DeSantis being a “bully,” Newsom’s self-awareness has been missing for so long that it’s got to be on the side of a milk carton by now.

Newsom should put down Twitter and go out for a nice dinner at French Laundry. He knows the address.

Maybe the actual source of Newsom’s anger is that Californians are leaving for Florida and other states in droves.



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