President Biden has announced another plan that’s blatantly unconstitutional, but since when has that ever stopped them?

This time the Biden administration plans to “cancel” (as in “force somebody else to pay off”) a certain amount of federal student debt for borrowers earning under a certain amount of money:

Frankly I’m a little surprised that Biden didn’t instead decide to send this $244 billion to Ukraine instead, but he knows the Dems have some voters to bribe with the midterms right around the corner:

Around 9 million borrowers could have their balances entirely cleared by Biden’s plan, according to higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz.

Biden’s decision to move ahead with $10,000 in student debt cancellation for borrowers who earn under $125,000 will cost the federal government around $244 billion, Kantrowitz estimated. The $20,000 in relief for Pell Grant recipients may add around another $120 billion to the government’s costs.

The unprecedented action by the White House of wiping out hundreds of billions of dollars in consumer debt follows years of advocacy pressure and recent months of heated debate among Biden administration officials.

Even though the “power of the purse” belongs with Congress, many Democrats are applauding Biden for attempting to skirt the House and Senate (and they called Trump the tyrant?):

And if anybody dares to criticize Biden’s “cancel student debt” plan, early in 2020 Sen. Elizabeth Warren served up a preview of the disdain she’ll have for anyone daring to point out some obvious truths:

“Of course not.” That’s the same answer the DNA testing firm gave Warren when she asked if she has lots of Native American blood in her system.

Could “public officials” possibly ooze more disdain for the people they supposedly “serve”?



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