About a year ago Dr. Anthony Fauci made it clear that he’d had just about enough of Americans’ concerns about freedom when it comes to masking and vaccine mandates:

The word “but…” after Fauci’s said he respects peoples’ freedoms spoke volumes, but the NIAID director is still baffled about how many people are obsessed with freedoms. During a Q & A, Fauci found something to be “inexplicable” to him:

That’s particularly shameless considering Fauci’s saying that while maskless indoors in front of an audience that looks to be entirely masked.

Fauci and the host also got a bit of a laugh out of gain of function research and claims that the virus leaked from a Chinese lab:

What a hilarious topic! Fauci’s mocking those who say he may have known the virus leaked from a gain of function lab in Wuhan, China, but we’ll see how funny he thinks it is if the Republicans get control of the Senate and Sen. Rand Paul’s running hearings on this issue.

At least Fauci got some love from the crowd while throwing out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game. Wait, no he didn’t:

Ouch! And that’s Seattle? Double ouch.



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