Devastating storms and flooding in Kentucky have so far cost at least 37 people their lives and there is major property damage:

At least 37 people lost their lives in the flooding after 8 to 10 1/2 inches (20 to 27 centimeters) of rain fell in just 48 hours in the Appalachian mountain region. The flooding also hit areas just across the state line in Virginia and West Virginia.

The National Weather Service said radar-based rainfall estimates suggesting that 14 to 16 inches of rain fell from July 26-29, totals that are “historically unheard of.”

More than 1,300 people were rescued in the days after the storm as teams searched in boats and combed debris-clogged creekbanks. Work crews were still trying to restore power and water connections as residents look to repair their homes and lives after the floods.

President Biden visited Kentucky today and naturally launched into a climate change spiel. Biden’s lecture included some mixed messaging on weather control:

Wait, what?

Dems like Biden couldn’t possibly be more predictable. There’s no tragedy they won’t take advantage of to push their pet agendas.

Not unexpectedly either. “Always be closing” is the climate alarmists’ mantra.

Right? Why is he yelling at them?

Biden said this just hours after the Democrats passed a bill that they say will do what Biden now says can’t be done. That sounds about right.

Maybe the White House will send Biden back into isolation.

Judging from Biden’s coughing today it might be time for another test.



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